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Shoreline Stabilization/Riprap

For owners of waterfront properties seeking to safeguard their properties against erosion, the contractors at PEAK Contracting & Excavating LLC offer a range of shoreline stabilization services.

Lakefront or riverfront properties are frequently at risk for soil erosion. While a natural phenomenon, erosion can be exasperated by human activities, and can eventually result in property loss and affected ecosystems.

Our team of excavation and installation specialists are expertly familiar with coastal ecology and various solutions to combat erosion. We can install riprap and other structural methods to protect your shoreline, adding security to your property and assuring peace-of-mind.

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Combat Shoreline Erosion with Dependable Riprap Service

Living by the water provides countless advantages. There is no better or more direct way to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature and share your property with the range of wildlife that lives by the coast. However, waterfront property owners must deal with the constant threat of shoreline erosion.

Fortunately, to effectively protect your property against the threat of erosion, our team of specialists offers a variety of shoreline stabilization solutions. We operate across a wide geographical area, serving commercial and residential waterfront properties in the area.

We have an extensive range of machinery and equipment and are extensively qualified as heavy machine operators. Working safely and neatly, we ensure that your property is protected dependably against erosion for years to come.

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Prompt, Meticulous Installation of Riprap

Our highly experienced and qualified team is committed to safe, diligent workmanship on each worksite. We realize the importance of shoreline stabilizing from both functional and aesthetic standpoints. We work hard to preserve both the natural ecology of your environment as well as the beauty of your home and property.

We arrive at your location with all the equipment and materials necessary for riprap or buffer installation. Riprap consists of loose stones—commonly granite and limestone—spread across your shoreline to form a foundation, separating the shoreline from water. Concrete rubble and paving demolition are also used.

PEAK Contracting & Excavating LLC’s Dependable and Experienced Shoreline Stabilizing Services

We have been providing shoreline stabilizing and riprap services to home- and business-owners for many years.

Our team is well-known in the community for our outstanding workmanship, wide range of specialties, and prompt availability. We can suggest the perfect solution to minimize your property’s erosion, and also offer competitive rates.

We are fully licensed and bonded and can provide expert recommendations and advise on how best to combat shoreline erosion.

Protect Your Waterfront Property with Shoreline Stabilization

If you live by the water and are wanting to protect your landscape well into the future, look no further than the professionals at PEAK Contracting & Excavating LLC.

Our shoreline stabilization services will keep your waterfront property safe and protected against the effects of erosion. We offer permanent and durable solutions to protect your landscape.

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